What if I don't see a service, option or package that would fit my needs, tastes, or budget?

Please contact us!  We are always more than happy to have a conversation about how we can custom-tailor a project for you.  We are in this business to be creative, so let's get creative together and figure out a solution that works for everyone!

Hit the CONTACT button in the top menu, or on the bottom of any page.


Do you guys have an office or workplace I can visit?

Yes and no... Our office workplace is in our home.  We are more than happy to arrange and time and place to meet with you.  We prefer to do business face-to-face, and are generally fairly flexible on times and locales.


What equipment do you use?

Now THAT is a question, and we will try to answer concisely.  We own quite an array of production gear, including a drone, but also find that renting other specific gear allows us to custom-tailor the project to the needs, tastes, and budgets of our clients.  So, if you have a particular piece of equipment in mind, we can work it out!


What is your availability / Can I drop by the office?

We are generally fairly flexible, but since our office space is in our home, we prefer pre-arranged meetings. You are welcome to visit after contacting us, or we can meet at a mutually convenient spot, like a coffeeshop! Find the contact button below and give us a call or message!


I don't see my question in the FAQ's, does that mean you don't hear it often?  How do I ask you a question, then?

Ah, the age-old question!  (Other than "Butter side up or down?" that is.)  Please contact us!  Use the button directly below, or in the menu at the top!  


Why is there a picture of a kitten at the top of this page?

Because it's on a puzzle.  It's a puzzled cat...