Local or world-wide!

Camera Operator

Hire Us to operate a camera for you.  Ours, yours, or rented, we have experience with a wide range of Pro & consumer makes & models. 

  • Every frame on our site or YouTube channel was filmed by us!

Video Editor

Professional video editing with a creative touch.  Hire us to edit your own footage.

  • We are able to 'ingest' many different codecs & digital video mediums and deliver polished "final cuts".

  • Worried about a copyright strike on YouTube? DON’T! We subscribe to royalty-free music providers, chances are high we can find the perfect song that won’t land you in music jail!

Director / Producer

Do you have a script, an idea, or a topic, but don't know how to get it moving?  We can help launch your video project!

  • Experience in a wide array of productions, from Commercials to Music Videos, and from Events to Documentaries, we've done it.

  • We also have a large network of other professionals we are able to 'draw from' to make your project a success!

  • We can help you get your YouTube dreams off the ground!

Video Consultant


Just need someone to funnel your ideas, or bounce questions off of?  Chris is a good listener!

Are you looking for someone to present a class, or teach about Video or photography?  Look no further.  Chris has performed many educational presentations for young and old alike.  Contact us today to schedule!